Second wave sign ups are open for GHCSA!

For our fifteenth year, Greene Harvest CSA (GHCSA) will offer a second wave of sign ups to join the CSA starting 7/8 to 10/21. Distribution will take place Saturday mornings at the Habana Outpost Courtyard from 8:30 to 10:30. We’ll be offering a mix of weekly, monthly, and seasonally distributed shares.

Here at GHCSA we’re proud to work with farmers and vendors from New York State, bringing you the freshest, most delicious vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat, honey, granola, coffee, etc. etc… A full list of what we offer is below!

In order to be part of GHCSA, each household must work at a distribution. Workshifts include unloading the truck, packing shares, and handing out shares to members. You will find the link to sign up for a workshift in the share selection form. 

GHCSA is operated by a small but mighty group of coordinators. If you have any questions about how this whole thing works, please don’t hesitate to email

Details and pricing 

Share Details + Pricing

Each membership must include a vegetable share. Family shares are twice the volume of single shares. All prices below are for the entire season. 

Organic Vegetables from the Farm at Miller’s Crossing (Weekly, 16 distributions)
Single: $310
Family: $619
Discounted: $186

Fruit from Wilklow Orchards (Weekly, 20 distributions)
Wilklow Orchards uses Integrated Pest Management in conversation with Cornell University’s research farm.
Single: $208
Family: $416
Discounted: $125

Eggs from McMurry’s Sunset Farm (Weekly)
SunSet farm hens are cage-free and eat a diet that doesn’t contain soy, growth hormones, antibiotics, and animal byproducts
Half Dozen: $46
Dozen: $91
Discounted Half Dozen: $32
Discounted Dozen: $64

Meat from Abundance Acres Farm (Monthly)
Animals are free range and a mix of heritage-breed stock. They’re given ample space to roam, eat bugs, warm themselves in the sun, and experience life on grass. 
Whole chicken (~4.25 lbs): $112
Whole duck (~4.25 lbs): $144
Pork sausage (~1.25 lbs): $80
Offal (~2 lbs): $40

Mushrooms from Abundance Acres Farm (Monthly)
Rotation of mushrooms including Oyster and Lion’s Mane
~10.5 oz: $50.80

Honey from McMurry’s Sunset Farms (Monthly)
SunSet farms delivers 1lb glass jars of non-pasteurized, clover-alfalfa mix, raw honey
1 lb jar: $39

Granola from Tierra Farms (Monthly)
Tierra Farm handcrafts small batches of organic, gluten-free granola. Flavors in the variety rotation: plain, cranberry cashew, maple cinnamon, pistachio mulberry, and maple ginger
12 oz bag of plain: $36
12 oz bag of variety: $36

Coffee from Tierra Farms (Monthly)
Rotation of fair trade, locally roasted beans
1 lb whole beans: $60

Cider from Wilklow Orchards (Monthly)
Wilklow Orchards fresh presses its apples in small batches 
½ gallon: $16

Sparkling Cider from Wilklow Orchards (Monthly)
Non-alcoholic sparkling cider, fun for all ages!
4 pack: $44

Maple from The Farm at Miller’s Crossing (Monthly)
250 ml (glass): $44
500 ml (glass): $62
pint (plastic): $52
quart (plastic): $96

Beef from The Farm at Miller’s Crossing (Seasonally)
Each share of grass-fed, free-range organic beef includes 1-3 frozen items (e.g. steaks, ground beef, sausage, short ribs, soup bones, roasts, etc.). 
Beef share: $275

Heirloom tomatoes from Wilklow Orchards (Seasonally)
Wilklow Orchards grows over a dozen types of heirloom tomatoes (Green Zebras! Hawaiian Pineapple!), available in the late summer. 
Tomato share: $40

Bulk vegetables from The Farm at Miller’s Crossing (Seasonally)
Canning share availabilities will be announced 1-2 weeks before the vegetables will be distributed. 
Cucumbers (end of June): 20 lbs for $29
Kale (September to October): 12 bunches for $26
Basil (June or early July): 12 bunches for $24
Green beans (July or August): 10 lbs for $29
Tomatoes (August or September): 25 lbs for $36

Fund-a-Share contributions make it possible for us to reduce the cost of membership for income-qualified members by offering a discount on vegetable, egg, and fruit shares, and by providing monthly payment plans. Please consider donating to fund discounted shares or to support payment plans. We direct 100% of your one-time donations to subsidize as many memberships as possible.

  • $150, fund a discounted vegetable share
  • $105, fund a discounted fruit share
  • $33, fund a discounted dozen egg share
  • $20, fund a discounted half-dozen egg share

If your annual income is below $30,000 per household member, GHCSA has a limited number of discounted vegetable, fruit, and egg shares and payment plans to offer. Please email us at if you have any questions regarding pricing options or availability.

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