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Our season will be open for the second wave shortly! It will start on July 10th and be a 20-week season. Join the waitlist at the bottom if you want to be contacted for when sign ups open!

This year, we’re offering: vegetables, fruit, eggs, NotMilk, coffee, beef, chicken, sausage, duck, rabbit, offal, oyster mushrooms, granola, honey, heirloom tomatoes, and apple cider.

We distribute on Saturday mornings at the Habana Outpost courtyard (757 Fulton Street). The season will run from July 10th to December 18th (weekly from 6/12-10/23; then biweekly on 10/30, 11/20, 12/4, and 12/18).

If your annual income is around $30,000 per household member, GHCSA has a limited number of discounted shares and payment plans to offer. Please email us at if you have any questions

Organic Vegetables from The Farm at Miller’s Crossing (Weekly; Hudson, NY)

Single: $491
Family: $972
Discounted Single: $300

Fruit from Wilklow Orchards (Weekly; Highland, NY)

Wilklow Orchards uses Integrated Pest Management in conversation with Cornell University’s research farm, the Hudson Valley Lab. 

Single: $240
Family: $480
Discounted Single: $145

Eggs from McMurry’s SunSet Farm (Weekly; Argyle, NY)

SunSet farm hens are cage-free and eat a diet free of soy, growth hormones, antibiotics, and animal byproducts

Half Dozen: $2.45/half-dozen; $59 for the season
Dozen: $4.90/dozen; $118 for the season
Discounted Dozen: $84
Discounted Half-Dozen: $42

NotMilk (Weekly; New York City, NY)

NotMilk makes 100% fresh and organic non-dairy milk using zero additives, emulsifiers, preservatives, or refined sugars. Choose un/sweetened (with dates or maple), or flavored: vanilla, coffee, chocolate, matcha. NotMilks can be almond, cashew, oat, hemp, pumpkin seed, walnut flax, or a signature blend (almonds, macadamias, cashews, walnuts). NotMilk will contact you to add your flavor selection to your share.

Pint: $186
Quart: $262

Beef from The Farm at Miller’s Crossing (Biweekly distributions; Hudson, NY)

The Farm at Miller’s Crossing offers grass-fed, free-range organic beef. Each share includes 1-3 frozen items (e.g. steaks, ground beef, sausage, short ribs, soup bones, roasts, etc.) 

July to October (8 shares): $250
November to December (4 shares): $130
July to December (12 shares): $380

Oyster Mushrooms from Abundance Acres Farms (Biweekly distributions)

Oyster Mushrooms (biweekly; 14 distributions)
Oyster varieties cultivated on sterile medium in a mushroom “cave.” The substrate is prepared, pasteurized, and bagged on the farm; mixed with purchased spore; warmed to colonize the bags; and set to fruit. They harvest throughout the week for weekend markets. 

Oyster Mushrooms: $7/pint, $98 for the season (1 pint, just under 0.5 lb)

Poultry from Abundance Acres Farm (monthly; 7 distributions)
Abundance Acres purchases poultry as day-old stock from reputable hatcheries. They are raised in a heated brooder for about 2 weeks, then an unheated “halfway house” until fully feathered, then on green pastures until harvest day. Birds have ample opportunity to roam; eat greens, bugs and worms; and experience life on the grass. 

Half chicken: $105 (2-2.25 lb)—cut down the middle, so 1 piece of everything, cooks just like a whole but smaller!
Whole chicken: $175 (3.5-4 lb)
Cut up whole chicken: $210 (3.5-4 lb)—all bone-in cuts, ready to season and roast, grill, or stew

Whole duck: $280 (4.5-5 lb) 

Pork from Abundance Acres Farm (monthly; 7 distributions)
Abundance Acres pigs are a mix of heritage-breed stock born and raised on the farm and stock purchased as weaned piglets, then raised on farm to maturity.

Pork sausage: $140 (1-1.5 lb)—mix of flavor: Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Maple Breakfast, etc.

Rabbit from Abundance Acres Farm (monthly; 7 distributions)
Abundance Acres has two strains of d’Argent: Crème and Champagne. The quality of the rabbit meat is excellent, as is the meat-to-bone ratio. Rabbits eat a commercial pellet, supplemented with lots of no-spray hay (all year) and fresh fodder (in summer). 

Whole rabbit: $280 (3.5-4 lb) 

Offal from Abundance Acres Farm (monthly; 7 distributions)
Offally Good Stuff: $35 for ~1 lb of various frozen organ meats (livers, hearts, +/or kidneys from beef, lamb, pig, rose veal), great for pets!

Meat Variety Options from Abundance Acres Farm

Variety 1: Alternating between cut up whole chicken (4) and pork sausage (3) – $180 
Variety 2: Rotation of cut up whole chicken, sausage, rabbit, chicken, sausage, duck, chicken – $210
Variety 3: Rotation of sausage, rabbit, duck, sausage, rabbit, duck, sausage -$220

Honey from SunSet Farms (Monthly; Argyle, NY)

SunSet farms delivers 1lb glass jars of non-pasteurized, clover-alfalfa mix, raw honey 

1 lb jar: $60

Granola from Tierra Farm (Monthly; Valatie, NY)

Tierra Farm handcrafts small batches of organic, gluten-free granola. Flavors in the variety rotation: plain, cranberry cashew, maple cinnamon, pistachio mulberry, and maple ginger)

12 oz bag of plain: $53
12 oz bag of variety: $53

Coffee from the Pulley Collective (Monthly; Red Hook, NY)

Pulley Collective locally roasts coffee beans from fair trade, biodiverse farms

1 lb whole beans: $75

Heirloom Tomatoes from Wilklow Orchards (4 summer distributions; Highland, NY)

Wilklow Orchards grows over a dozen types of heirloom tomatoes (Green Zebras! Hawaiian Pineapple!). 

Tomato share: $44

Cider from Wilklow Orchards (4 winter distributions; Highland, NY)

Wilklow Orchards fresh presses its apples in small batches 

½ gallon: $16


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