Forum Posting Guidelines

Please consider the following guideline when posting to online GHCSA forums such as our Facebook group and our Google Group mailing list:

An on topic post either 1) directly concerns the GHCSA, or 2) concerns both a GHCSA member and food. Of course questions about distribution, vendors, and plans for next season are all on topic. Feel free to share recipes, pictures of distribution, pictures of meals you’ve cooked, or tips on where to get the best paprika. If you launch a new line of kale-infused hot sauce, open a restaurant, or write a book about sustainable eating, do tell us about it, we’d love to congratulate you, but don’t market it repeatedly. Posts about housing, politics, and pictures of animals are all off-topic.

There are doubtless many non-CSA, non-food topics which would interest some of our members. However, the coordinator team has a responsibility to ensure that our communications channels serve all 250+ households that participate in our CSA, including those for whom such posts could be considered a nuisance.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please email us at

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