Work Shifts

Full Work Shift Agreement

I will fulfill one work shift requirement this season during one Saturday distribution from 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM.

GHCSA’s preferred method for scheduling the required work shift is VolunteerSpot – If I prefer not to use this platform, I must contact the Distribution Coordinator.

I understand that I must arrive on time in order to fulfill my work shift requirement.

Special arrangements can be made with Greene Harvest CSA’s Distribution Coordinator for members with physical limitations or other concerns; however, the CSA reserves the right to deny my membership renewal for the following season if I fail to give at least 48 hour notice and acceptable justification (barring extreme circumstances) for rescheduling my work shift, or if I do not fulfill my work shift this season.

If I need to change which date I am scheduled to work, the following are my options:

“Swapping” (preferred method)
A member seeking to work on a different date should find another member with whom s/he can “swap” shifts. This avoids short-staffing at distributions. Suggested methods of reaching out to members for swapping:

  • Get to know other members! Hang out at a distribution. Make friends. Call your new friends. : ) A list of the members scheduled for the following week will be posted at each distribution.
  • Join the Facebook group and post on the wall or message other members directly
  • Join the Google group, and send a message to other members who have subscribed to the group

“Rescheduling” (requires taking on an additional work shift)
If a member cannot or prefers not to swap, s/he may reschedule, but must take on an additional shift. The extra shift is meant to deter members from rescheduling because doing so can lead to distributions being under-staffed.

I understand that if I reschedule (instead of swap), I am required to work a total of two shifts during the season.

I understand that to officially swap, I must contact the GHCSA Distribution Coordinator.

To officially swap your shifts, contact the Distribution Coordinator at, and include all involved members in a recipient line of the message (in the To: or CC: field).

Please contact the Distribution Coordinators as early as possible with the changes or any question you have.

NB: GHCSA may send reminders about shifts, but making sure the shift is fulfilled is ultimately the responsibility of the primary member of each share. Please note as well, anyone can work the shift on behalf of the shareholder. Thus, if you have a friend who may enjoy getting to know what CSA is like or may otherwise enjoy the work shift and would be willing to do you a favor, please ask your friend to work on your behalf!

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