GHCSA Winter 2017-18 Season:

November 18, 2017 – February 3, 2018 (6 distributions)

When: 9am-10am

Where: Habana Outpost, 757 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217 (corner of South Portland Street). View map

What to bring: The vegetables will arrive boxed, but bring your own bags for add-on shares and an egg carton for egg shares.

6/30/18 - fourth distribution

The Farm at Miller’s Crossing
garlic scapes (.3 lb)
head lettuce (1)
baby bok choy (1 bunch)
escarole (1 bunch)
shell peas (.5 lb)
snow peas (.5 lb)
snap peas (.5 lb)
zucchini/squash (2 lbs)

Wilklow Orchards

Sunset Farms

Tierra Farms

variety flavor: horchata

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News & Events

Distribution Week 1, 2020!


  • Green kale (1 bunch)
  • Lettuce (1 head)
  • Garlic scapes (1 bunch)
  • Arugula (1 head)
  • Spinach (1 bunch)
  • Escarole (1 bunch)
  • Scallions (1 bunch)


  • Strawberries (1 qt)
  • Rhubarb (1/2 lb)


  • Eggs
  • NotMilk (flavor: oat)
  • Coffee (variety: Finca Mierisch, Nicaragua)
  • Granola (flavor: plain)

...

Sample Share: Week 1, 2010

-1 bunch Baby Bok Choy

-.5 lb. Loose salad mix

-.5 lb. Spinach

-1 bunch Japanese Turnips

-1 bunch Broccoli Raab

-1 bunch of green Kale

Fruit (single – double for family)

– 1 pint of strawberries

– 1 lb of rhubarb

...

Sample Share: Week 1, 2009

Take a walk down memory lane with us! Here’s what we got for our first distribution ever, on June 6, 2009.

Haukerei Turnips (Japanese types: very sweet, very different from the fall turnips you will get come September. These are sweet, juicy, and can be eaten raw or fresh.  The greens...read more...

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Greene Harvest is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY. Our participating farmers use certified organic or a range of organic and sustainable production methods. More about us…

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Becoming a member

Our next sign-up events for the 2017 season will be held on the following dates:

Saturday, April 8 10am – 12pm at Habana Outpost: 757 Fulton Street at South Portland Avenue

Saturday, April 15 11am – 1pm at Habana Outpost’s Earth Day Expo: 757 Fulton Street at South Portland Avenue

All new members must sign up in person at a sign-up event.


Connecting with us

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Join our private Facebook Group to post pictures, chat about recipes, suggest events… you know, stuff you do on social media. We’re also posting the weekly share info on Facebook, for your convenience. To join the group, please first email tech@ghcsa.org from an email address you provided when you joined the GHCSA, letting us know your Facebook name, so we know you’re a member.

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