Shares and Pricing

Subsidized Pricing is available here.

General Notes:

  • Each membership must include a vegetable share.
  • There is a $28 administrative fee for each season.
  • Two (2) single shares equal the volume of one (1) family share.
  • Subsidized shares are the size of single shares.
  • Our season lasts twenty-two (22) weeks, from June 3 – Oct 28.

Pricing and Supplier Information:

Organic Vegetable Share – 22 weeks

by The Farm at Miller’s Crossing

$320/ single share ($14.55 per week)
$615/ family share ($27.95 per week)

Organic Grass-Fed Beef Share – 8 deliveries, alternating weeks, starting in July

by The Farm at Miller’s Crossing

$245/ one size ($30.63 per delivery)

Fruit Share – 22 weeks

by Wilklow Orchards

$154/ single share ($7.00 per week)
$308/ family share ($14.00 per week)

Cage-free Eggs — 22 weeks

by Sunset Farms

$52.00/half dozen ($2.36 per week)
$103.00/dozen ($4.68 per week)

Raw, Non-Pasturized Honey (clover-alfalfa mix) — 5 weeks

by Sunset Farms

$43.00/share ($8.50 per lb)

Heirloom Tomato Share – 4 deliveries, Aug/Sept

by Wilklow Orchards

$40/ share ($10.00 per delivery)

Organic Fair Trade Coffee — 11 deliveries, 1lb each, even numbered distributions, rotating blend (June – Oct)

by Tierra Farm

Honduran–Dark Roast;Nicaraguan–Dark Roast; Papua New Guinea–Dark Roast; Ethiopan-Medium Roast; Colombian–Medium Roast; Peruvian–Medium Roast certified bird-friendly ; Mexican-Medium Roast; Guatemalan-Full City Roast; Sumatra–Full City Roast; Three Region Blend-Full City Roast; Tierra Blonde Blend–Light Roast, High Caffeine

$92.00/share ($8.36 per lb)

Nut Shares — 11 deliveries, 8oz each, even-numbered distributions

by Tierra Farm

Almonds, Raw: $73/share ($6.64/week)
Almonds, Roasted, Unsalted: $64/share ($5.82/week)
Cashews, Roasted, Unsalted: $52/share ($4.73/week)
Mixes Nuts, Salted (almonds, cashews, pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts): $68/share ($6.18/week)

Nut Milk – 22 deliveries, mandatory bottle recycling

by NotMilk

Choice of Original, Lil Bit o Sweet, Plain Almond, or Plain Cashew:

Pints: $144.00 ($6.54 per pint)
Quarts: $216.00 ($19.64 per quart)

Choice of Vanilla, Chocolate, Honey Lavender, Coffee, or a Variety of flavors:

Pints: $180.00 ($8.18 per pint)
Quarts: $126.00 ($11.45 per quart)

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