Ways to Pay

The GHCSA accepts a variety of payment options for members.

Bring a check or money order to Distribution, or mail to:

GHCSA Accounting
299 Adelphi Street, Apt 311
Brooklyn NY 11205

Check or money order should be payable GREENE HARVEST CSA.

We do not accept cash.

Chase QuickPay:

  • Sign in to your personal chase bank account online, or for non-chase banking members who would like to use QuickPay (click here) to create a Chase QuickPay account.
  • From the first page you enter upon sign-in (called the “My Accounts” tab) click the link on the right called “Pay a Person using Chase QuickPaySM”.
  • Then, select the “send money” button on the left.
  • Then select the “new recipient” radial button.
  • Then enter our name “Greene Harvest CSA” & enter our email address accounting@ghcsa.org


You can send payment to GHCSA via PayPal and it is free if you use your bank account or your PayPal account balance. IF YOU PAY WITH A CREDIT CARD YOU MUST ACCEPT AND PAY THE FEE ASSOCIATED. DO NOT SELECT TO HAVE GREENE HARVEST CSA PAY THE FEE. If you have GHCSA pay the fee, we will add the amount of the fee to your total balance due.

  • Login into your PayPal account and select Send Money.
  • Use the email address accounting@ghcsa.org to send payment for your shares to Greene Harvest CSA.
  • Enter amount of payment.
  • Select: I ‘m sending money to family or friends
  • Send payment.


  • After signing up and creating a PopMoney profile, simply log in and click the Send Money tab.
  • Then enter our name “Greene Harvest CSA” and our email address: accounting@ghcsa.org. If prompted for a telephone number, please enter 347-429-3783.
  • Enter the amount to pay and select a payment date.
  • Include a message to send along with your money, or select an eGreeting. One of these options must be selected in order to submit payment.
  • Notification instantly: That’s all it takes. Now GHCSA will be sent a Popmoney Pickup message letting them know you’ve paid them. The funds will be removed from your account in a few days. (PopMoney shows you that date while you are selecting the payment date)
  • (Alternately, you can see if your bank offers Popmoney. If your bank participates, you can Send and Receive Money from within your online bank account. Please follow your banks internal instructions for using PopMoney from within your banks website.)

Square Cash
Send payment to accounting@ghcsa.org

Send payment to accounting@ghcsa.org


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