FINAL New Member Sign-Up Event SATURDAY (April 16)!

Sign up for the Greene Harvest CSA this Saturday (April 16)!

Saturday, April 16 11am – 1pm at Habana Outpost: 757 Fulton Street at South Portland Avenue

  • New members must sign up in person.
  • Please bring your calendars so that you can sign up for your work shift. All members are required to work one distribution shift during the season (8am – 11:30am).
  • There are several ways to pay for your share. Bring a check, or you can pay with Paypal, Popmoney or Chase Quickpay. We can’t take cash or credit cards.

We hope to see you there!

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  1. Hi, I am interested in signing up for Green Harvest, but missed the event this past weekend. Will there be more opportunities to do so?

  2. Hi, I just missed this today (slept through the sign up). Is there any chance I might be able to get added to the CSA for this season or put myself on a wait list?

  3. Hi. We just moved to the neighborhood and found out about this CSA. We used to belong to the Park Slope CSA. We would like to sign up. Please let me know if that’s still possible. Thanks!

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